Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's the little things

Henry Bukowski once wrote a poem explaining that it was the little things that kill a man. The broken shoelace when you're already late for an interview for a job you haven't had for ten years, or the last match going out on your last smoke before you managed to get it properly alight.

I think he was right. It's the little things.

And one of the things I hate and, while hate is a strong word, I'm still going to use it; one of the things I HATE is the tag up in the back of your T-shirt.

I hate it when I feel it on me, I hate looking at it on other people and, perhaps most of all, I hate the fact that no one ever seems to do anything about it. Every time I see a tag sticking up on the back of a T-shirt, or dress, or shirt, or jumper, or ANYTHING; I just want to go up to the person, put the tag down and say, 'sorry mate, I just can't stand a tag up. '

I don't but it's a restraint that's getting harder to keep under control. I do it to Lady Hem of course, or people I know but it's the strangers that bug me the most. Can't you feel the tag is out? Isn't it scratching your neck?

Makes me get all goose pimply just thinking about it.


Harmony said...

I think this is something that can be mentioned to complete strangers, it's like politely mentioning that someone's zipper is down. It's better for everyone that it's taken care of.

mo.stoneskin said...

There's nothing polite about pointing out someone's zipper is down, it violates all sorts of gentlemens' etiquette, but it DOES HAVE TO BE DONE. Although on occasion I've let the chump walk on in his zip-down world, if he deserved it (in my subjective opinion).

Hey, I've found myself walking down the street in a blissful 6:50am daze with not just my zipper down but...

Blimey, I thought you had gone to the moon or something - but instead you had been thinking about tags?

Truth is, there is nothing worse than that mind-numbingly irrititating itch caused by a unhelpfully-sharp tag placed in the STUPIDEST place possible. I dunno who Bukowski is or was but one thing I do know, he was right. Damn right.

tennysoneehemingway said...

Harmony: true, but I find myself reaching before speaking. Can get kind of dangerous.

Mo: Yeah, I'm back. And, for shame that you don't know who Bukowski is. Read 'Post Office' and 'The Last Night of the Earth Poems' immediately. You can thank me later. And by the way, are you still on Twitter? I'm sure my list says I'm still following you but I haven't read an update from you for ages.