Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ga ga over Ga Ga*

So, the second album is out. And, surprise surprise, it's getting good reviews. It'll sell millions and the train will move along.

I'm not a Ga Ga fan, it must be said. I'm not even close to her demographic. The whole 'style over substance' thing doesn't appeal to me. Which is unusual because I'm a guy who usually loves style over substance. But all the costumes, wigs and makeup are only there to distract from the, quite frankly, mediocre music.

Of course, I realise that nothing I say will make any difference in whether you like Lady Ga Ga or not. If you do, you'll tell me to get fucked and, if you don't, you'll agree and we can all move on. The thing I wonder is, where will she go from here?

Everyone knows that you can only stay in the limelight for so long. Especially these days. You have to do things ever more outrageous to gain attention and, if it's one thing that Ga Ga loves, it's attention. Says the man writing a blog. Ah hem.

But, the flavour of the month is just that, flavour of the month. Eventually, people will find someone else and Ga Ga will be evaluated pretty harshly in the years to come. My opinion people, no need to jeer. So where does she go? Where does she go when people come to realise that all that puffery is hiding pretty obvious nothingness?

Well, here's my take: she'll do what people like me accuse her of - she go naked. The only thing that will be left, will be to regress. She'll shave her head and do a whole album of just piano and vocal. No beats, no synths, no vocal posturing, no costumes. Just a bald headed girl and her piano.

And that would be something I might actually listen to. Really listen to.

Remember that, if this actually happens, you heard it here first.

*I only wrote this title because I knew BeckEye would read it and probably comment.


Gorilla Bananas said...

I'm still waiting to hear anything resembling a good tune.

The Unbearable Banishment said...

I remember when they said Madonna would never last, either.

The Kid In The Front Row said...

I don't know anything about her, I just hear her name. I don't know the music, I don't care.

But there are a lot of people who say she's the real deal, an artist, that her career has legs. In other words, she's not just a pop singer who is here today and gone tomorrow.

I have no say in this debate, because I don't really care about Lady Ga Ga and couldn't name one song or pick her out of a lineup.

Greg said...

Not looking forward to her going naked, although I'm sure there are many that will pay her top dollar.

I see a Britney repeat coming, what will I be looking at though when she gets a snapshot of her pantyless?

The Vegetable Assassin said...

She has a few really decent songs and when you hear her sing live with just the piano she also has a great voice, it's just all lost in the GA GA experience around it, I think. I'm too old to find gimmicks all that exciting, I want a voice and music is that too much?

Juli said...

I'm in the real deal camp. And she is fascinating to watch. Can't wait for the naked piano album.

tennysoneehemingway said...

GB: ditto

UB: Madonna who?

Kid: Yeah, I've heard that too. I know just enough about her to know that I'm definitely not her target demographic.

Greg: Could be, could be. We'll have to wait for the TMZ exclusive.

VA: you and me, kid.

Juli: could be quite revolutionary.