Monday, July 30, 2012

Trip away - day four (I think)

Finally a video that shows something.  This is in Mallacoota, which is a small coastal town, just before the border to NSW.  We're still in Victoria, as we speak.  Mallacoota has a population of 4,000, with infrastructure to match.  However, in summer when the surf is good, the population swells to 10,000, with no increase in infrastructure (as you'd probably imagine.)  We were there in Winter, so the pop was small and really, besides the surf (which wasn't great) and the walking trails (which were mostly flooded that time of year), there wasn't a whole lot to do.  We stayed in a log cabin, that was 300 metres from the beach.  You'll see a grassed area in the video, which I stated holds 400 odd camp sites.  What you really can't see, is that each camp site is pretty much on top of it's neighbour.  Which means, in the height of summer, you really need to love your fellow man because you'll probably be sleeping on top of him later that night.