Monday, September 26, 2011


There's a new sheriff in town and his name is: Apathy.

This Friday, people in Victoria are going to be on the receiving end of some very good news; traffic infringements will be suspended as the Police Union tries to get the State Govt to come to the table finally and negotiate better wages.

Now, despite most people not liking police very much - especially those in the traffic area - they do a good job. Mostly. It's a hard job, with long hours, not much respect and a pretty big chance of getting killed. Bigger than most of us face day to day.

But the State Government has been dragging it's heels for the past twelve months in negotiating with the Union over pay increases. So much so, that it hasn't even had a proper meeting. So the police are being forced to do the only thing they can; freeze Government income. All traffic fines go to Government coffers, so no fines means no money. And if there's anything that will get a Government moving, it's the thought of losing money.

Naturally enough, the Government will not be happy with this. And it hasn't happened yet but I already know how they'll spin it; anyone who gets killed on Friday, the blame will be put squarely on the cops. Never mind that, on any given Friday, someone will be killed in a traffic accident through speed, alcohol or plain stupidity. But the Govt will make sure that they blame the police union for not issuing on the spot fines for traffic offences, rather than the public for the more than general speeding that may occur on Friday.

Personally, I don't think this will encourage people to speed more. It might actually encourage them to park in no standing zones, rather than drive flat out. It's certainly what I'd do. But I can bet, I can just bet, that the Govt will still not come to the table, when they can just spin another lie to a surprisingly gullible public.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Will they still stop drivers for speeding and other offences? They could take their details and withhold the information from the government until they get a new pay deal. I'd be surprised if the public turn against them if they carry on working.

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Sounds like a pretty dangerous game of chicken the gov't and po-lice are playing. It's all politics until someone gets hurt.